Franklin Historical Society

The mission of the Franklin Historical Society is to seek to preserve and foster appreciation of local history and to maintain living museums for educational and community enrichment.


Happy Easter Everyone from the Franklin Historical Society!

Unfortunately today the day before Easter unlike many years in the past there was no Lions Club Easter egg hunt here in Franklin. Right after the hunt the FHS would open our historic buildings for the children. Pictured  is what we had planned on displaying.

Up Coming Events

The Franklin Historical Society’s Membership Annual Meeting Saturday April 25th and the open house after the Lions Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday April 11th have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The “Women Right to Vote” program will be rescheduled later in the year and all FHS programs and open houses dates will be updated on this website when known.

The Franklin Historical Society’s annual membership meeting and educational program will be held at the Franklin Public Library 9229 West Loomis Road on April 25, 2020 starting at noon. The program will feature a history of Women’s Right to Vote developed by the Franklin Historical Society. The program will last approximately one hour and audience participation is encouraged. The program is free to the general public and snacks and beverages will be served afterwards. The FHS membership meeting will follow.

Current planning for the Franklin Historical Society’s open houses for our historic village buildings will include Saturday April 11 the day before Easter Sunday right after the Franklin Lions Club Easter egg hunt. We will also post on this website open houses dates our building will be open after the Sunday Music in the Park dates become available. We will also have an open house of the Fourth of July right after the City of Franklin’s parade.
We would like to expand the number of open house dates and any organization in Franklin that might want a private tour please go to the contact tab at the top of our site and give us a call.




Historic District

The Franklin Historical Society’s village of buildings has been land marked in 2018 as a “Historic District” by the Milwaukee County Historical Society.Pictured below is our new General Store display in the Old Town Hall.

The Stories of St. Martins

The Franklin Historical Society is pleased to announce another printing of its latest publication, The Stories of St. Martins, by local historian, Robert Storm. The book can be purchased for only $20 at the Franklin Public Library 9151 W. Loomis Rd. or Crossroads ll Pizza & Subs 11357 W. St. Martins Rd., or mailed to your home for a cost of $25 by calling Jim Luckey at 414-421-6539.
This book provides a detailed look a the historic village of St. Martins, Wisconsin including who was responsible for the village’s name, its location, and the canal that was planned for the area; when were the former and existing buildings constructed, who did the construction, and names of the family members that resided in them; a look at the businesses and churches, and profiles of some of the founding fathers.