Franklin Historical Society

The mission of the Franklin Historical Society is to seek to preserve and foster appreciation of local history and to maintain living museums for educational and community enrichment.


Up Coming Events

Historic Christmas Program

The Franklin Historical Society’s Christmas program will be on Saturday,
December 7th in our historic village 8060 S. Legend Dr. in Franklin’s Lions Legend park. The program will start with the Whelan School children’s program at 3 P.M. There will be 3 St. Peters Chapel services at 4 P.M.,
5:30 P.M. and 7 P.M. The City of Franklin’s tree lighting will be at 5 P.M.
The Franklin Town Hall will open at 5 P.M. with live music and songs of the season and includes snacks and beverages for our guests until 7 P.M. The
Sheenan-Godsell Cabin along with our other buildings will be open for touring.


Annual Meeting 2019

Last Saturday the Franklin Historical Society presented the “Waukesha Regiment” – 28th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry program by Kent Peterson from the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. It was a most interesting program with Kent reading several letters written by the soldiers.

Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Saturday morning April 20 the Franklin Lions Club held their annual Easter Egg hunt in Lions Legend Park right next to the Franklin Historical Society’s historic village. Hundred of children hunted for the eggs on a beautiful day. Afterwards many parents and children toured our buildings.

Historic District

The Franklin Historical Society’s village of buildings has been land marked in 2018 as a “Historic District” by the Milwaukee County Historical Society.Pictured below is our new General Store display in the Old Town Hall.

The Stories of St. Martins

The Franklin Historical Society is pleased to announce another printing of its latest publication, The Stories of St. Martins, by local historian, Robert Storm. The book can be purchased for only $20 at the Franklin Public Library 9151 W. Loomis Rd. or Crossroads ll Pizza & Subs 11357 W. St. Martins Rd., or mailed to your home for a cost of $25 by calling Jim Luckey at 414-421-6539.
This book provides a detailed look a the historic village of St. Martins, Wisconsin including who was responsible for the village’s name, its location, and the canal that was planned for the area; when were the former and existing buildings constructed, who did the construction, and names of the family members that resided in them; a look at the businesses and churches, and profiles of some of the founding fathers.