Franklin Historical Society

The mission of the Franklin Historical Society is to seek to preserve and foster appreciation of local history and to maintain living museums for educational and community enrichment.


Upcoming Events


On Saturday April 7th at the Franklin Public Library at Noon the Franklin Historical Society and Franklin’s Robert Storm author “The Stories of St. Martins” will present a visual tour of Saint Martins. St. Martins formerly known as Franklin Village, dates back to 1839. This tour will look at the village’s history through old and current photographs. You will be surprised to learn the reason for the location of the village and the age of some of the exciting buildings. Please join us for this free educational event.


Bob Storm’s August 2015 Program






The Franklin Historical Society and the Forest Park Middle School US Studies team are excited to announce the beginning of a new collaboration. On January 13 & 14 the seventh grade students work was put on display at the Franklin Historical Society’s Town Hall. Students were excited to show the community what they’ve been working on. The theme was about the rise of tensions that occurred and led to the American Revolution.


The Stories of St. Martins



The Franklin Historical Society is pleased to announce its latest publication, The Stories of St. Martins, by local historian, Robert Storm.  The book can be purchased for only $20 at Crossroads II Pizza & Subs 11357 W. St. Martins Rd., or mailed to your home for a cost of $25 by calling Jim Luckey at 414-421-6539.

Barn Museum Update


The Barn Museum foundation is nearing completion. The museum is a gift to the City of Franklin honoring the city’s farming family history. We have many artifacts, tools, and equipment in storage that will be displayed once the building is completed. The museum will be open to the general public for touring and will be an important addition to our grade school program that just celebrated its 10th anniversary.
Our goal is to have a grand opening for the city’s 4th of July civic celebration in 2018.



St. Peters Chapel Christmas Service 2017


For the past 15 years the Franklin Historical Society as part of our Christmas program has had 3 non-denominational services in our St. Peters Chapel where you could experience a service with kerosene lamps and a pump organ. Rev. Roger Boesch pictured here has done all of these services. St. Peters Chapel was originally located on S. 68th St. just north of Rawson Ave. and moved to the FHS historic village. The congregation was of German descent. Rev. Boesch’s service features a German theme where you feel a sense of going back in time being connected to Franklin’s past.


2017 FHS Children’s Christmas Program


The Franklin Historical Society as part of our school program presents a special children’ s Christmas program. The children come to our Whelan School a week or two prior to decorate the Christmas tree and have a rehearsal. Their program includes reading stories of Christmas, readings of poetry, and singing Christmas carols.
During the school year 3rd and 4th grade children from Franklin and some surrounding communities come to Whelan School for a one day field trip where they are instructed by our teachers as if they were students in 1908.
After their class work is done they tour our other buildings. Once the barn museum is completed it will be an important addition to the school program.


2017 City of Franklin Tree Lighting Ceremony


Mayor Steve Olson and Santa Claus lead the children for the count down of the City of Franklin’s tree lighting ceremony.